Julianne Yeager

Julianne Yeager

“What about my bonus?”

money bills on wood

Many employers offer profit-sharing or other incentives to encourage their employees to do good work and reward them when the company does well.  This kind of bonus can form an important part of the employee’s total pay.  When the employment…

Sign Termination Releases with Care

signing a resignation

If you’ve ever been dismissed, you may have experienced something like this: your manager calls you into a meeting and delivers the bad news. He or she presents you with a termination letter that says something about severance pay. Attached…

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace


All workers in British Columbia are protected against bullying and harassing conduct of others in the workplace. WorkSafeBC has introduced rules that require all BC employers to implement anti-bullying and harassment statements, policies, and resolution procedures, in every workplace. Every…