Julianne Yeager

Julianne Yeager

What are Punitive Damages?

Punitive Damages

When an employee feels they’ve been treated unjustly by their employer, they often think that punitive damages should be owed to them.  In reality, punitive damages are rarely awarded in wrongful dismissal cases.  The purpose of this article is to…

Bad faith termination of employment

Termination Employment

Being dismissed from employment is always upsetting, but sometimes the employer is dishonest or unduly insensitive in the course of the termination.  Where the employee experiences mental distress as a result of this kind of bad faith termination, courts may…

Can Your Employer Make You Resign?

making an employee to resign

When you resign from your employment, you give up all your rights to severance pay.  This makes it attractive for employers to characterize a termination as a resignation.  We often see employers insisting that an employee has quit, when really…