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Julianne Yeager

Julianne advises employees and employers in all matters relating to the workplace. Her litigation practice ranges from advising employees behind the scenes as they navigate through constructive dismissals, to representing employees and employers in trial.

Julianne has represented clients in British Columbia Supreme and Provincial Courts, Human Rights Tribunal, Employment Standards Branch, and WorkSafeBC. Although she enjoys taking cases to court, Julianne has a strong track record of obtaining excellent settlements even in difficult cases. She strives to cultivate positive relationships with opposing counsel, always with a view to efficient resolution for each of her clients.

Julianne assists small businesses as they take steps to lawfully manage their workplaces. She enjoys getting to know the business and personality of each of her clients so that she can provide the most relevant and practical advice.

Julianne studied in Tokyo and Ottawa while obtaining her undergraduate degree at UBC, before attending law school in Oxford.

In her free time Julianne enjoys skiing, road trips, and cramming unusual plants into her tiny patio garden. She serves as a director of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.

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