Over the past 20 years, our team has helped thousands of employees who have experienced a wrongful dismissal or constructive dismissal from their place of employment. We have worked to get them a fair severance payment for their time and effort with their ex-employer. We would like to share with you some of the letters of gratitude that we have received.

R.B. – Educational Consultant

At 64, after a long and fulfilling career, and still thoroughly enjoying my work, I had a feeling that I might be let go.  At that point, it was a natural step for me to seek an excellent employment lawyer to obtain advice, explore my options, and develop a strategy.  A few months later, when my employer decided it was “time for me to leave” (and offered me what I believed to be vastly insufficient notice given my lengthy service), I felt I was better prepared than I would have been.  Bob Yeager and Daniel Draht met with me immediately to advise me on what to do.

During the three months from my first meeting with Bob to explore whether I had a case, to the call from Bob letting me know that “the cheque has arrived”, the Yeager team handled my situation thoroughly, expertly, and professionally.

All my expectations were met: careful listening, solid research, responsive communications, expertly crafted written letters, and effective negotiations with my employer’s legal counsel.  I also appreciated being respected as a client in the friendly atmosphere I received from everyone I was in contact with at Yeager Employment.

Thank you so much.

L.W. – Recreation Manager

My experience with Karen Chan exceeded my expectations! She was very professional and extremely knowledgeable about my legal issues. She was very thorough and caring and always took the time to explain all of my options to me. I was very pleased with the results.

I would, without hesitation, recommend Karen and Yeager Employment Law for any employment needs. Sandi, the administrative assistant was always a very warm and welcoming face as well, she is the perfect person to make a great first impression.

K.F. – Senior Editor

In hindsight I can see that my first meeting with Bob was pivotal to being able to get this deal at the end – he gave me good advice, I followed it to the letter and in the end, because of that, the company had nowhere to go. I am grateful to both Bob and Julianne for securing the settlement for me.

L.C. – Senior Education Administrator

Facing unemployment is a soul destroying experience, making one feel totally dis-empowered. A meeting with Mr. Yeager and his team renewed my faith and energy. Upon close reading of the documentation it was ascertained that my employer had not handled my “dismissal” according to the law. As a layperson I was oblivious to my rights; this news was a tonic. With guidance I was able to construct a response to my notice letter, and with minor clarification I was able to secure what was “owed to me.”

I found all of the personnel to be approachable and non-threatening. Mr. Yeager was thorough, both in his reading of my documentation and articulation as to the possible costs associated with a case such as mine. I was advised as to the minimum costs up to possible costs, if it turned out to be a protracted affair. His associate Ms. Yeager, then competently handled my file, talking me through the legalese; reassuring me all the way through the process. I felt as if there was genuine concern for my case.

J.A.H. and R.H. – Building Managers

Our experience with Karen Chan was so positive! At our initial meeting, we went away feeling that Karen was not only professional and knowledgeable but respectful. She treated us as though we were people she had known all her life. She provided us with all the information we needed to make decisions that were in our best interest. And she explained all of our options thoroughly and answered all of our questions. We would not hesitate to recommend Karen Chan to anyone that has been confronted with an unjust dismissal.

E.H. – Aeronautical Technician

My first meeting with Mr. Yeager was impressive due to his ability to quickly grasp the situation and articulate my concerns, as well as his friendly demeanour which created a comfortable environment.  This combination alleviated much of the stress of going up against a large company and their multiple lawyers and financial resources.

He quickly explained to me what I was legally entitled to.  His professionalism and efficiency brought a quick resolve with favourable results.  I am quite certain that without his help there wouldn’t have been a resolve to my case.  Instead I ended up receiving a settlement to the dollar of what he recommended would be reasonable for this situation.  Having someone in my corner who “gets it”, and went to bat for me was definitely worth giving him a call.

Thank you Mr. Yeager for making a difficult and emotionally charged situation much easier to handle.

B.M. – Business Office Manager

I was confronted with a sudden and severe shift in my employment and realized that I needed professional advice. Bob Yeager was able to meet with me on short notice, take detailed information on my situation and within 24 hours had a letter delivered to my employer outlining my concerns and steps needed to correct the situation. My employer requested a meeting with me and a new proposal on my employment was tabled. Mr. Yeager was again able to meet with me on short notice and review this proposal with me. He outlined in straightforward detail 3 possible scenarios for my consideration with the upside and downside to each. The decision was mine alone to make and he respected my decision. He advised my employer by letter of the new terms of my employment and that I had agreed to them.

I felt very comfortable dealing with Yeager Employment Law and would not hesitate recommending them to anyone who finds themselves in a similar predicament. Again, a big thank you.

G.C. – Presiding Medical Director

After a long and distinguished career, I moved to a new company as an independent contractor. Half way though the contract, the company decided to take another direction and asked me to resign, offering a severance payment that was far less than that outlined in the contract, and threatening to fire me for just cause if I did not accept. Knowing full well that no just cause existed, I Googled “employment law Vancouver” and found Yeager and Company. The website contained a wealth of information and case studies, giving me the confidence to call. Within an hour, I was speaking to Bob Yeager. I found him and his staff to be timely, professional, understanding and very thorough. He asked lots of questions, advised me not to resign, and reviewed many documents and drafts. Within two weeks, he was able to send a strong demand letter to the company on my behalf, and one week later, we had an agreement that fulfilled the terms of the contract. My advice to anyone taking on a new position would be to have your lawyer check the contract before agreeing to the terms, and be prepared to stand up for your rights if things do not work out. Having a professional like Bob to support you is crucial in getting some companies to fulfill their obligations and in enabling you to get closure and move on. I highly recommend Yeager and Company.

F.W. – Senior Education Administrator

Bob (Robert) was invaluable in helping me through a very stressful time at my work place. I worked in the same medium sized institution for over 20 years and was the head of an administrative team. I was a few years short of retirement age when the dynamics of my workplace changed dramatically. I was faced with the harsh reality of unemployment without any monetary compensation. I knew I needed the expertise of employment lawyers.

From our initial consultation session, Bob began to listen very carefully to my issues, asking relevant questions, explaining my rights, and outlining my options. He was very empathetic, sensitive and caring to my emotional well-being. Throughout the entire legal process, Bob was honest, clear, practical and knowledgeable. He kept me well-informed of all developments and at no point did he over promise potential outcome of my case.

It took a while for a meeting with my employers to take place as they were evasive and reluctant to negotiate. Bob sent out strong letters to the Board of Directors and their lawyer, demanding on my behalf a settlement. When a meeting eventually took place, Bob played out confidently and competently against the legal representative of my employer. He managed to secure a settlement that was to my full satisfaction. Here, I sincerely thank Bob for his invaluable advice and guidance through a personally overwhelming process. I feel very confident in recommending Robert Yeager to anyone who finds themselves in employment-related disputes.


G.K. – Regional Supervisor

I contacted Robert Yeager when my rights as a dependent contractor were violated. From the very first meeting I had with Robert I knew he was the right lawyer for me. He was casually approachable, personable, compassionate, and patient in clearly explaining the situation. He took the weight off my shoulders and helped me along the way to stand up for what is right. Throughout the 1 ½ year ordeal Robert was always immediately available when needed, with the necessary advice or effective action. He never made me feel that my case was too small or not important, and he never shoved me over to an assistant or another lawyer in his office. His instructions were clear and to the point. In the end I received the settlement that was right for my situation. From beginning to end my relationship with Robert was supportive and enjoyable – I am almost sad that it has come to an end. I highly recommend Robert Yeager to anyone with employment issues.

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