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Employment Law

What Happens When You Say “I Quit”

What happens when a person quits his or her employment? Typically, quitting is a voluntary act of the employee. Perhaps a better job is found, perhaps a move to a different city is in the works, perhaps marriage or winning the lottery or some other event occurs that leads to the employee giving notice […]

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Broadcasting just cause to dismiss

In 2012 Facebook celebrated its billionth user – effectively, one in seven people on earth are now “connected” on Facebook, posting all aspects of their personal and professional lives for the world to read and view.  The odds are good that some of your employees, if not most of them, are using social media.

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Severance Pay vs. Reasonable Notice

What is Severance Pay?
Severance pay is a general term used for a payment that flows from the employer to the employee when the employment relationship is terminated without cause. Severance pay may equate to statutory notice or reasonable notice, but they are not the same thing. The range in severance pay goes from none […]

Wrongful Dismissal Or Dismissal At All?

The test for wrongful dismissal is a basic one: the employment must be terminated, and the notice given for the termination must be insufficient.  Employers are entitled to dismiss their employees for any non-discriminatory reason, provided that they give sufficient notice of the termination.  An employee who receives insufficient notice for termination without cause […]

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