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Employee rights

Workplace Discrimination and the BC Human Rights Code

The BC Human Rights Code protects the fundamental human rights of everyone in British Columbia. The Code prohibits discrimination against people who possess characteristics (or are perceived to possess characteristics) that fall into a prohibited ground of discrimination. In this respect, the Human Rights Code prohibits employers from discriminating in their advertisement for positions, hiring, during the course of […]

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Broadcasting just cause to dismiss

In 2012 Facebook celebrated its billionth user – effectively, one in seven people on earth are now “connected” on Facebook, posting all aspects of their personal and professional lives for the world to read and view.  The odds are good that some of your employees, if not most of them, are using social media.

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Reasonable Notice Jumps From 8 Weeks to 18 Months

Junior-level employees limited to minimum reasonable notice
Until the last few years, reasonable notice for dismissal cases has been disproportionately determined by reference to the character of employment.  This referred to an employee’s hierarchical position within a company or the labour force in general. Reasonable notice between junior and senior levels varied wildly, with entry-level positions scraping the bottom […]

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Protecting your rights as an employee – privacy in the workplace

How secure is your private information?

How would you feel if you discovered a co-worker had surreptitiously accessed your personnel file? Easy access to information has its trade-off. Technological advances and global exposure with all forms of electronic media continues to grow as our privacy shrinks. This trend is sweeping the workplace and the banking […]

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