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Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

All workers in British Columbia are protected against bullying and harassing conduct of others in the workplace. WorkSafeBC has introduced rules that require all BC employers to implement anti-bullying and harassment statements, policies, and resolution procedures, in every workplace. Every worker – from employees to contractors, and from casual labourers to executive managers – […]

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Non-competition clauses can lead to extra notice

Often in our practice, we come across employment contracts that contain “non-competition” clauses.  The purpose of these contractual terms is to prevent the employee from going out after the employment is terminated (and during the employment) and either setting up a competing business, or working for the employer’s competitors.  The employer is concerned that […]

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Employer’s Finances are Not Relevant to Reasonable Notice

The Ontario Court of Appeal was recently asked to consider whether an employer’s financial circumstances are relevant in a wrongful dismissal action. Do financially-challenged employers get to provide less reasonable notice to their wrongfully dismissed employees? The answer is no, according to the Ontario Court of Appeal.
Michela v. St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School was […]

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Workplace Discrimination and the BC Human Rights Code

The BC Human Rights Code protects the fundamental human rights of everyone in British Columbia. The Code prohibits discrimination against people who possess characteristics (or are perceived to possess characteristics) that fall into a prohibited ground of discrimination. In this respect, the Human Rights Code prohibits employers from discriminating in their advertisement for positions, hiring, during the course of […]

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