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Can complaining about a boss get you fired?

When does expressing workplace dissatisfaction with one’s boss turn into just cause for dismissal?
Two decisions of the BC Supreme Court issued 10 days apart tell us something about the answer.

In the first case, the employee had verbally criticized his boss, the CEO, in the presence of other employees. The employer was a small company […]

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Constructive dismissal and retirement complications can be costly for employers

A recent decision of the BC Court of Appeal makes for some interesting reading.
The case involved a plaintiff employee who was 66, had 18 years of service and who was employed as a receptionist. She also earned additional money doing janitorial work for this employer. Although she was 66, she had no plans to […]

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You can fight city hall, but it can be expensive

Former Via Rail chairman Jean Pelletier is one of the latest government bureaucrats to win substantial wrongful dismissal damages from the federal government. Pelletier’s award included $678,000 in outstanding salary and benefits and $100,000 for damage to reputation. Once the court subtracted mitigation earnings, the damages award still stood at $335,000.

Pelletier had been fired […]

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Turning the Tables

Fiduciary Duties For Employers and Employees
Much has been written in the law about the obligations of an employee as fiduciary of the employer, particularly when key employees or senior management are in positions of trust or responsibility.

Contractual duties and fiduciary duties may exist in the same relationship at the same time. Certainly, it is […]

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