Yeager Employment Law is a boutique firm that has been serving British Columbia’s working public for nearly 20 years. We have great experience helping employees, from junior employees to senior executives to independent contractors, who have been subject to unfair treatment at the hands of their employer.  Our clients appreciate our personal approach to providing legal services. While our goal is always to efficiently obtain settlement for our clients, we have the skills and experience to successfully litigate when negotiation fails.

Your Rights as an Employee

As an employee, you are in a stronger position than you may realize. If you have experienced a termination from your job or your role has been unfairly diminished, our lawyers can help you make sense of the facts. We are here to help you get informed about your situation of employment, and guide you through this turbulent time. It is important to know that you may be entitled to more than the minimum required severance payment. Every employee in British Columbia is entitled to protection under the employment laws of this province.

Dismissal Cases We’ve Handled


MP was a salesperson, who worked for her employer for 8 years. She had always worked 30 hours per week…
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AM was a senior technical salesperson for a national software firm. She had worked for the employer for 2.5 years…
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RF was a national account manager with a local monopoly, and he had been employed there for 20 years. He had achieved a high level of specialization…
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SJ was a local store manager for an international chain of stores, with 6 years of service…
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Our Experience Working for You

Since we first opened our doors, our team of employment lawyers have been helping clients get fair compensation for their wrongful termination and constructive dismissal cases. We help those who have been let go from employment while under contract and were not compensated fairly. Whether that fair compensation is through a financial settlement or reasonable notice. Representing clients in all aspects of employment law, we have helped many working people in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland receive a fair severance payment for their time and service to their employer. Please note that if you resigned or were terminated with just cause then there may be little we can do, but we are always happy to review your case to be sure.

You can contact us to receive an initial legal impression of your dismissal concerns. Whether you have been wrongfully terminate or constructively dismissed from your employment, we can help you with your case.

We want to help you. Contact us today for a consultation.